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Robert Sterl
Ateliergang Kalmückenboote auf der Wolge, um 1914

Atelier Hallway

The hallway leading to the atelier separates the house’s living and work areas. This is where Robert Sterl, artist and academy professor, received visitors surrounded by his paintings. Along with the neighbouring atelier, this room was designed by Sterl and added on to the house after its purchase in 1919. In designing the room, Sterl included tracks for hanging artwork, a feature that remains in use today. Especially noteworthy are the impressive, colourful travel paintings from Russia, created between 1910 and 1914 during a cruise on the Volga River with Sergei Kussewitzky’s orchestra. In addition to making the acquaintance of famous musicians such as Rachmaninoff and Scriabin, during his time in Russia Sterl became increasingly fascinated with the foreign cultures and the world of docks and labourers he encountered there. Along with the other works, depictions of quarry workers and an early portrait of Helene Sterl are also on display in the hallway.