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Robert Sterl
Kleines Wohnzimmer Hessische Landschaft mit Weiher, um 1902

Sitting Room

Helene Sterl is said to have preferred spending time in this small, bright room. Two of Sterl’s major works can be seen over the red sofa: The view from Ramholz Castle in Hesse from 1903, where Sterl was residing while completing a portrait, and one of his most engaging renderings of children, “The Lace-Making School” in Jöhstadt in the Erzgebirge mountains from 1916. The additional paintings were created during his time spent outdoors in the landscapes of Hesse, which beginning in 1892 gradually became Sterl’s second home. The majority of Sterl’s library is also on display here, providing a glimpse not just of the artist’s literary tastes, but his preferences for certain artists as well.