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Robert Sterl

Großes Wohnzimmer  Helene G 111 Selbstporträt, um 1920

Living Room

In the living room, Robert Sterl’s first portrait from the world of music can be seen: the Dresden-based Petri Quartet from 1908. In addition, next to his own impressive self-portrait from 1920 hangs the sensitive rendering Sterl created of his wife Helene in 1908. In the bay window, visitors will find both Sterl’s late-Romantic landscapes from the early 1880s as well as the study for his well-known painting of quarry workers from 1910, now hanging in the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig. As a young professor at Dresden’s Academy, Sterl made a name for himself as a painter of quarries and quarry workers. Hardly any other artist has managed to infuse depictions of humans at work with such liveliness and verve.