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Robert Sterl
Grab von Robert Sterl Grab von Robert Sterl


Robert and Helene Sterl were both buried on the grounds of their home. The authorities made an exception to local statutes for the well-known professor of art, who had requested in his will that his 1.5-hectare (3.7-acre) property be converted into a charitable foundation. Sterl was following the example of Max Klinger (1857 Leipzig – 1920 Großjena near Naumburg), his friend from Leipzig. After an extended major illness, Robert Hermann Sterl died on January 10, 1932 at the age of 64 at his home in Naundorf. In the years that followed, the gravesite with its sandstone tomb and commemorative script was constructed under the supervision of his wife. Frau Sterl passed away on November 11, 1950.